Hanna Somatic Education uses two effective approaches to address muscular tensions and eliminate pain:

  • SOMATIC EDUCATION EXERCISES (pandiculation action patterns) 

CLINICAL SESSIONS:  Hanna Somatic Education's clinical sessions involve hands-on processes conducted by certified Hanna Somatic Educators. These sessions release muscular tensions and enhance coordination and muscular control.  Through removing distortions in muscle/movement memory, individuals recover the ability to move easily and naturally.  

SOMATIC EDUCATION EXERCISES are an integral part of Hanna Somatic Education.  Used to amplify the outcomes of clinical sessions and purge residual tensions from daily living, somatic education exercises, as presented by certified Hanna Somatic Educators, promote coordination and empower individuals to enhance themselves without relying solely on clinical practitioners.  By actively engaging in somatic education exercises, you magnify the benefits of sessions, remarkably reduce your stress level, and age better than most people your age.  While progress may be gradual, the effectiveness of these exercises is undeniable. 

Hanna Somatic Education, endorsed by highly credentialed health care authorities, frees individuals from the grip of distorted muscle/movement memory, restores free movement, and promotes the feeling of well-being. Whether through hands-on clinical sessions or somatic education exercises, individuals can experience remarkable results and a greater sense of ease and confidence in their movements.

Certified Hanna Somatic Educators, accredited by the Novato Institute for Somatic Research and Training, offer their services worldwide, with some even providing a money-back guarantee of satisfaction.

Some (including Lawrence Gold) offer a money-back guarantee of satisfaction.

Hanna Somatic Education ®

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Respected healthcare professionals endorse Hanna Somatic Education ® for its superior effectiveness. 


Physical Therapy -- or Somatic Education?

Physical Therapy typically takes a long time.  It can be uncomfortable, the same treatments tend to get repeated, and you remain dependent on the therapist.  Your therapist expects you to be "a regular" for some time.

With Clinical Somatic Education, improvements progress quickly, each session does something new in the progression, and you're done in a short series of sessions.  Many clients finish in fewer than seven sessions. We don't expect to see you as a client, for long.

So, which would you prefer?

Discover the Benefits of Hanna Somatic Education:  Clinical Sessions and Somatic Education Exercises

Hanna Somatic Education (HSE) is a clinical approach used to correct chronic pain conditions commonly referred for osteopathy, physical therapy, chiropractic, massage therapy, and other modalities.  Used with standard therapies, HSE improves their efficacy dramatically.   Used alone, HSE is usually sufficient for long-term relief from pain and restoration of freedom of movement.

Clinical Somatic Education, provided by certified Hanna Somatic Educators, goes beyond symptom management.  By addressing muscular tensions and enhancing coordination at the brain level, this approach extinguishes pain more quickly than conventional physical therapy or most alternative treatments.  It  not only reduces the likelihood of re-injury but also leaves you better off than before your injury. 

What distinguishes HSE from other approaches is the speed and comfort of the main procedure we use to restore free and comfortable movement.  It's called, "pandiculation" -- a comfortable action pattern related to yawning, done instinctually by all land animals upon arising from rest.  It triggers the relaxation response and at the same time restores your strength and coordination. View the video, below.

Everyone has seen and done pandiculation (cats and dogs, horses and even birds do it), but most people misunderstand it as "stretching". 

Pandiculation is the correct name for the natural action people commonly do upon waking up. 

It involves tightening the involved muscles strongly (within your comfort zone), in patterned ways, and then relaxing slowly, in the mood of a yawn (like the "morning stretch").  It's completely comfortable and takes less than a minute, for each maneuver.

Pandiculation refreshes sensation and control of movements and ends the tendency to cramp or go into spasm.  Muscle tension dissipates, and with it, pain. Movements that hurt, before, no longer hurt, and range of motion increases. 

Why Pandiculation Works to Relieve Pain

Chronic muscular tension causes pain.  Pandiculation releases chronic muscular tension.  

Allow me to explain why that is so.

When you experience physical or emotional trauma, or long-term stress, a memory imprint forms.

It's not just a psychological memory imprint; this memory imprint shows up as involuntary muscular tension (if stress-related) -- or a guarding reaction (if injury was involved) that makes you tight enough to cause pain and restrict movement.

Hanna Somatic Education (HSE) quickly releases those involuntary tensions, so you can move freely. This release of tension is an essential part of the healing process.

As muscles relax, pain fades out, leaving you completely fit for all ordinary activities. Improvements occur during the session and withstand all ordinary activities.

Through a series of hands-on procedures done with a skilled practitioner, you gain improved muscular control, relaxation, and the ability to move with ease, grace, and confidence.  In many cases, complete results can be achieved in fewer than seven sessions.   

Certified Hanna Somatic Educators, recognized by the Novato Institute for Somatic Research and Training, offer their expertise worldwide, and some even provide a money-back guarantee to ensure your satisfaction.

How We Begin

We start by taking your history of all of the injuries you experienced throughout your life.  For each injury, we ask what happened (in detail) and where you felt pain.   We do that because injuries leave heightened tension behind that may last decades.

Then, we do a functional assessment in which we check your freedom of movement and locations of pain and tension.

We correlate your symptoms with your tension patterns, movement patterns, and history of injuries; they always correlate with each other.  From that, we know what to do and how many sessions it will take to restore your comfort and free movement.

On that basis, we start "working sessions", each tailored to your particular pattern of tension, restricted movement, and pain.

The specific advantage seen in Hanna Somatic Education by referring physicians is that, while being effective in the relief of muscular pain and spasticity, it has the specific virtue of teaching the client an ability so to control the muscular complaint that there is little chance of a future return of the problem. 

~~ Thomas Hanna, Ph.D.,

original developer


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Hanna Somatic Education ®  

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The Experience of Hanna Somatic Education ® :

Under the umbrella of "the L.E.A.R.N. Advantage", established by Lawrence Gold, a prominent practitioner in the field, Lawrence Gold, trained by Dr. Hanna, offers a comprehensive approach to personal development and improved quality of life.  

This now approach enables individuals to overcome pain more rapidly than by conventional approaches.  It not only addresses immediate symptoms but also prevents re-injury.

Hanna Somatic Education distinguishes itself by the speed and ease with which relief comes, surpassing the efficacy of conventional physical therapy or alternative treatments -- for relief that lasts.  With Hanna Somatic Education, you experience benefits that go beyond mere symptom relief to long-term confidence in your capacity for a vigorous life.

Experience Hanna Somatic Education and get your freedom of movement back, sooner.

Comparing Clinical Somatic Education and Standard Therapeutic Modalities

Most therapy seeks to "fix the patient" by acting upon the patient chemically (drugs, ultrasound), mechanically (manipulation, stretching, or surgery), or electrically (TENS, electrical stim) -- rather than training the patient to regain control of their own body.  

But hours or days after a therapy session, the patient's previous, injury-caused conditioning takes over and symptoms return.

Stretching doesn't work because it works on the effect (tight muscles) rather than the cause (brain conditioning formed from injury). Strengthening doesn't work because the pain is caused by muscles that are already too tight. It's the wrong direction for successful therapy.

People commonly remain dependent on therapy for a long time.  Many people exit therapy with some or all of their symptoms (regrettably) intact. 

Pain and restricted movement from muscular tension (which may seem like muscular adhesions) can't be permanently "fixed" from outside. For a lasting change, the "fix" must occur from within; the client/patient must do it, themselves, as a self-retraining process.  

Hanna somatic education (HSE) guides and assists the client through the process, step by step. 

Rather than being slower than therapeutics, results of clinical sessions of HSE come faster and are far more predictable. You'll feel results immediately during the session, results that last, long afterward. Most pain conditions resolve completely in between two and eight sessions. Postural improvements occur immediately and the relief lasts indefinitely.