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The Institute for Somatic Study and Development

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Lawrence Gold, C.H.S.E.


Endorsements by Highly Credentialed Health Professionals 

for the book, 

Somatics, ReAwakening the Mind's Control of Movement, Flexibility and Health 

by Thomas Hanna

NOTE: The articles and most of the programs provided on this site were developed by site-author +Lawrence Gold, a direct trainee of Dr. Hanna's (1990) and authorized practitioner of his developed work (Hanna Somatic Education ® ).

The information and self-relief programs apply the principles and practices described in the book endorsed, below.

Robert Masters, Ph.D.

Director of the Foundation for Mind Research

This is a truly important book. Thomas Hanna makes clear that there is a major category of human health problems - amounting to possibly half of all human health complaints - [that] can be understood and dealt with only by means of sensory reeducation.

Helmut Milz, M.D.

former consultant to the World Health Organization

This book could make a real difference for the vast number of people who suffer from musculoskeletal ailments. I heartily recommend it to everybody who wants to enjoy his own existence more fully.

Arthur J. Deikman, M.D.

University of California, San Francisco

Thomas Hanna’s subtle exercises offer the exciting possibility that we can continue to be supple and graceful. Highly recommended for those who hang on past their 30s.

Dieter Kallinke, M.D.

leading Heidelberg pain specialist

Thomas Hanna has written a fantastic book answering questions the experts are only beginning to ask And he does it in a way that lay people as well as health professionals will find exciting reading, full of entertainment and striking insights.

Paul DuBois, Ph.D.

Executive Director, Association for Humanistic Psychology

One of the most profound revolutions in our thinking concerns the fundamental connections between body and mind. Now that we begin to understand something about our inner healing powers, along comes Somatics to give form and shape to our new-found knowledge. We have been blessed by Tom Hanna through the publication of this book.

Michael Murphy

Director, Esalen Institute

Somatic education is fortunate to have Thomas Hanna. His newest book, Somatics, marks a new maturity and sophistication in the field he named.

Elmer E. Green, Ph.D.

The Menninger Clinic

If I could, I would put Somatics in the hands of every neurologist, internist, nurse, psychophysiologic therapist, and clinical psychologist in the country.

Gerda Alexander

founder of Eutony

Somatics should be translated into every Western language, and it should be read by all parents and educators.

Mark Schmid-Neuhaus, M.D.

Chief Physician, Munich Health Park

The missing link between many doctors and their patients can be rediscovered if both parties understand what Somatics is really about: how wisely and wonderfully we are organized to live a better life than many of us do.